Geometry Quiz

Geometry Quiz
Match the Geometrical terms at the right with their crazy definitions below.
1. A broken angle
2. Place where people are sent for committing crimes
3. When you have more than one L
4. The opposite of telling the truth
5. A pretty vertex
6. What the engineer telegraphed ahead
7. An angle that is never wrong
8. Used to tie up packages
9. That man does not talk plainly
10. What girls want to find at the beach
11. They voted yes on farm machinery
12. Mathematician’s dessert
13. A sharp weapon
14. What little acorns say when they grow up
15. The one in charge
16. What the professor did with the letter he carried for a week before mailing
17. What the man did when his mother-in-law wanted to go home
18. What a person should do when it rains
19. The way the poet wrote her love letters
20. A missing parrot
A. Parallel
B. Polygon
C. Triangle
D. Prism
E. Postulate
F. Sphere
G. Geometry
H. Protractor
I. Tangent
J. Chord
K. Center
L. Coincide
M. Acute angle
N. Midpoint
O. Ellipse
P. Inverse
Q. Rectangle
R. Right angle
S. Line
T. Ruler
U. Translate
V. Square
W. Pi
X. Hexagon