Welcome to Prof. David Klein’s Home Page

Welcome to Prof. David Klein’s Home Page

California State University Northridge

Department of Mathematics



Office: Faculty Office Building Room 127Telephone: (818) 677-7792

Email: david.klein@csun.edu

Fax: (818) 677-3634

Office Hours  Mon, Wed, 11:30-12:30 & by Appointment

Classes (Spring 2005)
Math 250 Third Semester Calculus
TTh 4 to 5:15 p.m., JR 212
Math 651B Math of Relativity & Gravitation
TTh 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., JR 215


B.S. Physics 1975, UCSB
B.A. Mathematics 1975, UCSB
Ph.d. Applied Mathematics,
Cornell University, 1981
Professional InterestsMathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, General Relativity, Mathematics Education

Research Articles:  Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, and Physics research articles, preprints and reprints

K-12 Mathematics Education

The State of State Math Standards 2005, by David Klein
with Bastiaan J. Braams, Thomas Parker, William Quirk, Wilfried Schmid, and W. Stephen Wilson
Technical assistance from Ralph A. Raimi and Lawrence Braden
Analysis by Justin Torres
Foreword by Chester E. Finn, Jr.

  • A Case Study: An Email Debate on the quality of education research in mainstream education journals between Dr. Pendred Noyce, head of the Noyce Foundation, and David Klein focusing on the article, “The impact of two standards-based mathematics curricula on student achievement in Massachusetts” by Riordan, J. E., & Noyce, P. E. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 32(4), 368-398 (2001).
  • C-SPAN Panel Discussion/Debate on mathematics education. This link includes a complete transcript of a panel discussion and debate hosted by the American Enterprise Institute on March 4, 2002 and nationally broadcast by C-SPAN:
    Does Two Plus Two Still Equal Four?What Should Our Children Know About Math?


    Mike McKeown, Brown University
    Gail Burrill, Michigan State University and former NCTM President
    David Klein, California State University, Northridge  (For Klein’s Presentation click here)
    Lee V. Stiff, President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    Tom Loveless, Brookings Institution

    Moderator: Lynne V. Cheney, AEI

    (“Real Player”; click here to get free download)

  • California State Adopted Middle School Math programs for 2001, official Content Review Panel Reports
  • The Freedom to Agree, by David Klein, California Political Review, Vol. 9, No. 4,  pp 15-16, 31, July/August 1998
  • Open Letter to CSU Chancellor Charles Reed in support of the California Mathematics Standards for K-12.  Endorsed by more than 100 college and university mathematicians, and by Jaime Escalante.  January 1998

Other Education Related Links

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Core Knowledge Foundation, founded in 1986 by E.D.Hirsch Jr.
What Elementary Teachers Need to Know, College Course Outlines for Teacher Preparation, from the Core Knowledge Foundation.  Syllabai are available for Math, Science, History, Geography, Music, Art.

National Council on Teacher Quality
American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence
These two organizations provide high quality teacher certification programs.
Save Our Children from Mediocre Math, a parents’ group in Thousand Oaks, California
TeachMath.net, created by math teacher E. Toby Earl

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CSUN and Political Issues

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