over over again

vanish complaining

wasted on foolish projectssheriff

slush funds reduced

arm Mexican drug lords Brian Terry Jamie Zapata certainly thinks

incompetence as a defense

learned about the scandal

Bush-era program more you know

Andrew Breitbart put it

scurrilous claims of executive privilege learned as much

fired rifle shots

held in contempt of Congress

keeping your old plan if you liked it

so much of the failure provision

delayed and rewrote the law someone did keep careful track of them

blatantly illegal

severe flaws cost another billion dollars to fix

spying on journalists

James Rosen eventually admitted suffered temporary amnesia

selective targeting

acting like circus clowns

brazenly lied multiple state-of-the-art hard drives failed

no charges were filed taking the Fifth

investigated extensively

he knew about it

created a false identity for herself

left-wing attacks finally admitted

damaged national security performing a public service

many false statements significant losses diplomatic problems

military court pardons him scandalous way lies were told law was flouted questionable wisdom searching for Bergdahl

Green Revolution was brutally put down lies media manipulation pallet of cash that wasn’t a ransom

turn the Colorado River orange cover-up

lavish parties Heroic efforts to resist accountability cover-up

secret death lists promises more meaningless

crony capitalism

going wild with hookers fence jumper driving their car into a security barrier

hit the American people hard away from their memorials releasing illegal alien criminals